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"Clean, professional, friendly company. The results were outstanding and beyond my expectation. Highly recommend."
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Karey, Gillingham
(Tattoo Removal)
"Ranjeet made me feel at ease from the moment I met her, very pleased with the removal and the service I received would highly recommend xx"
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Amy, Medway
(Client just wanted to remove the letters, not the heart)
"My intention was to fade my current tattoo so I could get it covered with a new tattoo. My consultation was extremely professional with the procedure fully explained and a patch test to ensure I could tolerate the procedure. I was absolutely amazed at the results after just the first session. I'm extremely satisfied with the results following my sessions and in actual fact expected that I would have needed more!"
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Holly, Maidstone
(Tattoo fade for cover)
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Jason, Kent
(Removal of name within the tattoo)
"I was very pleased with the results of my old tattoos being removed. I was made very welcome and the treatment was very professional. I would recommend Purelite to anyone wanted this kind of treatment."
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Tony, Kent
(Tattoo Removal)
"My experience was so wonderful at purelite, ranjeet made me feel so welcome and comfortable from the moment I stepped through the door. My tattoo was making me really self conscious and upset, Ranjeet made me feel so at ease knowing we were going to do something about it, and I felt less self conscious knowing it would be covered soon."
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Kerry, Kent
(Fading for cover up)
"After contemplating Tattoo Laser removal treatment, I was relieved to discover Purelite. Upon my first consultation I was impressed with Ranjeets knowledge, professionalism and thoroughness. Her welcoming manner has a way of making you feel reassured and comfortable. The aim of the Laser treatment of my coloured tattoo, was to fade it enough to enable more scope and options for a further cover-up tattoo.

The results have worked wonderfully and you would never know there is an old faded image beneath the new one. I am also currently undergoing some laser treatment on a black and grey tattoo and impressively, this is now barely visible. I can highly recommend Purelite. It has been a very positive experience for me and I shall miss my appointments with Ranjeet very much."
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Shelley, Kent
(Laser Tattoo Fading for Cover Up)
"Just to say that the service at Purelite is outstanding. From the first time i stepped in door i felt comfortable and she put my mind at ease. Not only does she explain everything clearly, she is very supportive, professional and understanding of my needs. After being so upset that my tattoo was incorrect, i knew id come to the right place to get it sorted. Aimee was spelt wrong (Amiee) so Purelite removed the M and I, and a professional tattoo artist went over the whole piece, sorting out the bits that were missing and correcting the mistake.

I highly recommend Purelite and i have already passed her details on to several people. Thank you so much for everything, you really did save my skin literally. And my Daughters name is now spelt the right way xx"
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Nicola, Kent
(Laser Tattoo Fading for Spelling Correction)
"I had a large tribal tattoo that I believed could be covered up. After being turned away by a number of tattoo artists, I sought advice from Ranjeet who recommended laser removal.

She is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly, with modern equipment. After 6 sessions it was faded enough for part of it to be covered up and I continued with treatment to remove the remainder of the tattoo.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ranjeet, yes there is some slight pain, but it’s very manageable."
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Oliver, Medway
(Laser Tattoo Removal for Cover Up)
"My treatment at PureLite has been such an enjoyable experience from start to finish. When I first had my consultation I was anxious but Ranjeet was very welcoming, knowledgable and thorough.

I gained full trust in her. I always looked forward to my next session and was seeing results every time. Thank you so much."
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Sophie, Medway
(Tattoo Removal)
"I had my tattoo done In 1982 on both arms. In 1990 I decided to have my tattoo removed in Maidstone. I found the equipment used didn't remove the tattoo. I found this was a waste of money. I felt there was nowhere I could go to have my tattoo removed. After looking around I found Purelite.

I went in for a consultation at Purelite and found Ranjeet who was very helpful and explained the process very clearly and how the laser works to remove the tattoo. After a few sessions I could already see the difference. This was very helpful and gave me peace of mind. I continued going to these sessions and the service was more than what I expected. I would recommend Purelite.

I found Ranjeet was always caring and flexible when booking appointments"
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Simon, Medway
(Tattoo Removal)
"My experience with Ranjeet at PureLite has been brilliant, she is very reassuring and makes me feel at ease. She is also very easy to communicate with and book in my appointments easily. I highly recommend Ranjeet."
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Jade, Maidstone
(Tattoo Removal)
"I’m happy with the results. It takes time but the lasers do their work and the ink fades with repeat sessions and time"
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Steve, Kent
(Laser Tattoo Removal)
"Hi Ranjeet, just a quick email to say thank you for the treatment you have been carrying out. I have been very impressed with the result. You are very professional and always take the time to make conversation which made me feel very welcome. From the very first appointment you were honest about the results of the treatment and how long it would take.

If anyone asks me where to get tattoo removal I will definitely recommend you. I particularly like that you keep pictures of the progress and I can't believe how bright the original tattoo was and that it has completely faded now.

I no longer have to answer questions from people "what's that on your neck". Once again thank you."
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Ian, Kent
(Tattoo Removal)
"I approached PureLite and Ranjeet with a few tattoos on my arm where I wasn't happy with the quality of work and from the first meeting she was polite and very professional in every aspect of her work, from explaining the procedure, the after care and the considerations I would need to make.

Ranjeet was fantastic throughout my process and always considered me when undergoing the process by making sure I was ok, or by giving me after care treatment as well as taking an interest in my adventures and what I had been doing. This made me feel very comfortable as part of PureLite and gave me confidence in what Ranjeet was saying and what she was recommending.

For anyone having to undergo any skin treatment, I would recommend PureLite and the brilliant work Ranjeet undertakes, I have even looked into some of the other treatments that they offer, such as; the microdermabrasion, it isn't needed but I'm confident of the job that will be done and think that it is something I would find beneficial."
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Nick, Gillingham
(Laser Tattoo Fading)
"I would not hesitate in recommending Purelite's services to anybody wanting laser tattoo removal."
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D.K., Chatham
(Laser Tattoo Removal/Fade)

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