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What happens in our consultations?

The first step in the process for all of our treatments involves a free and no obligation consultation appointment.

Some clients may have had similar treatments before elsewhere so know exactly what treatment they would like to proceed with. Others, however, are unsure of which treatment would be the most suitable for their particular concern.

The consultation gives us the opportunity to determine which treatment would be able to address the client’s concerns, to explain the treatment procedure, discuss expectations, determine client suitability and much more.

It also gives the client the opportunity to ask any questions and to meet the specialist who would be performing their treatment. Below is a breakdown of the typical questions covered during a consultation appointment…

Once we have covered the questions below we cover any other queries the client may have regarding the treatment(s) we have in mind for them.

There is never any pressure or obligation to proceed, we always insist that clients think thoroughly about all aspects of the treatment before they come to a decision about embarking on their treatment journey.


We begin the consultation by assessing the treatment area(s) to ascertain whether or not any of the treatments we offer would benefit the client and help them to achieve the results they would like to achieve.

If we don’t offer a treatment that we feel would benefit the client we are happy to offer suggestions and advice about other treatment options available to them.

Details of how the treatment works is explained in depth during the consultation appointment in order to give the client as much information as possible to help them understand how the treatment will help them to achieve their desired results.

The sensation experienced during all of the treatments varies greatly so we try to give clients a realistic idea of what they may feel during their treatment. For example, laser hair removal is often described as an elastic band “ping” whereas a microneedling treatment would involve a vibrating sensation.

As mentioned later patch tests are required for some treatments, these are a great way to enable clients to experience the sensation first hand which will prepare them for their treatment.

Any potential side effects of our treatments will be explained thoroughly to ensure clients are fully aware of how their skin may respond to the treatment.

Side effects will differ between treatments e.g. there is very minimal downtime after a microdermabrasion treatment whereas after laser tattoo removal the skin may become red and swollen. All such effects are normal, to be expected and nothing to be worried about.

There will be an element of aftercare required for all of our treatments and the advice will differ between them. We will give detailed aftercare advice for all treatments to enable clients to care for their skin at home following their treatment appointments.

Following the correct aftercare is vital to ensure any treatment effects subside as quickly as possible and the skin heals well between appointments.

To achieve optimum results, a course is usually required regardless of the treatment option. For example, for significant hair reduction we find a course of around six treatments is average when it comes to laser hair removal. On the other hand if we were removing a small skin tag this would usually require one session of cryotherapy.

Every client will respond to each treatment differently so we cannot always give a precise estimate of how many treatments will be needed but we always try to give clients a realistic idea.

The duration of each appointment will vary according to the treatment being performed.

Some medical conditions and medications can be contraindications which means we would not be able to proceed with the chosen treatment. The contraindications for each treatment vary so during the consultation we discuss the client’s medical history and medication details to check if there could be any potential contraindications for their particular treatment.

In some instances we may need to seek further advice from the client’s GP to get confirmation that it is safe to go ahead with treatment.

All treatments are priced differently and will also vary between clients. In order to provide fair and individual quotes we can only confirm treatment cost upon assessment of the treatment area(s) during the consultation appointment.

A pre-requisite for the majority of our treatments, mainly cosmetic laser, is a patch test which must be performed before we can proceed with the treatment. The patch test involves treating a small area of skin just how we would during a full treatment. Although reactions are very rare, the test will allow us to see if the skin will react adversely in any way to the treatment.

We always leave a few days between the patch test and treatment just to make sure the skin does not react.

Both existing and new clients must always have a patch test prior to proceeding with any new treatments and this can be carried out during the consultation appointment, or alternatively on a separate occasion.

Our Cancellation Policy:

As a courtesy to other clients who are waiting for appointments we kindly ask for 48 hours notice if you would like to reschedule or cancel any appointments.

Cancellation of an appointment less than 48 hours prior to the treatment will incur a charge of 50% of the full treatment price for individual treatments, and one treatment will be forfeited if a course of treatments has been purchased. This policy also applies to any missed or forgotten appointments. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Free Consultation Policy

If a free consultation appointment is missed/forgotten or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, a non-redeemable and non-refundable payment of £25 will need to be paid in advance to secure another appointment.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation.


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