mens laser hair removal

Mens Laser Hair Removal

We know it’s not only women who have problems with excess/unwanted hair!

If you think that laser hair removal treatment is purely for women, think again! We are seeing a massive surge in the number of men having laser hair removal treatments.

Many male clients are wanting to rid themselves of hair on their back, shoulders and chest. These are the most popular treatment areas for men but we can treat pretty much any area, be it on the face or body.

Excess/unwanted hair can be embarrassing, but this may not be your reason for removing it. We understand how excess hair can affect your self-esteem and confidence, it’s not always about what others can see but about how it makes you feel. If you’re a male who wants to find out more about permanent hair removal why not come and see us. We are based in a discreet location and provide a confidential service.

We will explain how our IPL/Laser hair removal treatments work, discuss your requirements and expectations in detail and perform a patch test to check you are a suitable candidate for our hair removal treatment.

We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation.


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