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I have recently received photo rejuvenation treatments to reduce freckles on my face. After receiving three treatments the pigmentation has reduce completely. Not only has it reduced freckles (which covered my whole face) but it also has made my skin less prone to breakouts. My skin is now clear, even and I don't feel the need to wear makeup. I recommend this treatment to anyone that is insecure about their uneven pigmentation and are prone to breakouts. The staff members are very helpful and will help you achieve the results you wish for. I felt welcomed and supported throughout my treatments and my confidence has improved due to the results.

Freckle Removal Treatment Freckle Removal Treatment

Freckle Removal Treatment

Sarah, Kent

Hi Ranjeet, just a quick email to say thank you for the treatment you have been carrying out. I have been very impressed with the result. You are very professional and always take the time to make conversation which made me feel very welcome. From the very first appointment you were honest about the results of the treatment and how long it would take. If anyone asks me where to get tattoo removal I will definitely recommend you. I particularly like that you keep pictures of the progress and I can't believe how bright the original tattoo was and that it has completely faded now. I no longer have to answer questions from people "what's that on your neck". Once again thank you.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before Laser Tattoo Removal After

Ian, Kent

I approached PureLite and Ranjeet with a few tattoos on my arm where I wasn't happy with the quality of work and from the first meeting she was polite and very professional in every aspect of her work, from explaining the procedure, the after care and the considerations I would need to make.

Ranjeet was fantastic throughout my process and always considered me when undergoing the process by making sure I was ok, or by giving me after care treatment as well as taking an interest in my adventures and what I had been doing. This made me feel very comfortable as part of PureLite and gave me confidence in what Ranjeet was saying and what she was recommending.

For anyone having to undergo any skin treatment, I would recommend PureLite and the brilliant work Ranjeet undertakes, I have even looked into some of the other treatments that they offer, such as; the microdermabrasion, it isn't needed but I'm confident of the job that will be done and think that it is something I would find beneficial.

Laser-Tattoo-Removal-Fade-Before Laser-Tattoo-Removal-Fade-After-Cover-Up

Laser tattoo removal - fading for cover up

Nick, Gillingham

I have been attending Purelite, Strood for sun damage treatment to my face (Photo Rejuvenation). I have been undergoing this treatment for approx. 6 months now, combined with Microdermabrasion (not necessary but leaves a nice complexion).

I have one more treatment (that will be a total of 6) but I must say that the improvement to dark areas on my lower face and one small patch just beneath my eye has been amazing. I have just returned from holiday and usually suffer with very patchy brown marks after being in the sun, but hardly any marks this time which is brilliant. The small patch under my eye has been the most effective as I usually have to wear a lot of concealer but I can now go without.

The therapist, Ranjeet, is a lovely person, understanding your needs and expectations and talks everything through every step of the way.

I would thoroughly recommend Purelite and I myself will continue to have any further treatments when and if necessary.

Kim, Kent

A warm, kind, professional and friendly service. From very pleasant microdermabrasions (so pleasant I fall asleep!) to some very intimate procedures and not once have I ever felt uncomfortable - quite the opposite in fact. I have been using this company for two years now and have seen some fantastic results. I would highly recommend Purelite xxx

Rachel, Rochester

I am so pleased with the results of my treatment. PureLite has a very friendly and professional atmosphere. The time was taken to explain the all elements of the start, process and aftercare, answering all the questions I had. I would highly recommend PureLite to anyone.

Thread Vein Removal Nose Before

Thread Vein Removal Nose After 

Ben, Kent 

I am over the moon with the results from having IPL treatment at Purelite. I now feel confident to show my back off! It is like it has erased all the years worth of sun damage. I now feel like I have much clearer and younger looking skin! I've had a few treatments on my back, chest, arms and face and the results are amazing! I noticed a massive difference after just one treatment.

I would not hesitate to recommend Purelite to my family and friends. Ranjeet is so professional and made me feel at ease. She takes the time to explain the whole process from start to finish. I will definitely be going back for further treatments as it really does work!

Sun Damage Treatment Before Sun Damage Treatment After 

Lindsay, Kent

I was pleased to find Purelite in Strood that offered laser tattoo removal. I had a very heavily tattooed name on my arm which I had done fifty years ago.

I am very pleased with the results and the caring attention that I was given. I am now at the end of my treatments to fade my tattoo for a cover up and could not be more pleased with the finished results.

I would not hesitate in recommending Purelite's services to anybody wanting laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before Laser Tattoo Removal After

D.K., Chatham

I had lived a long time with an “age spot” which was very dark brown and on my right cheek. I was very aware of it and spent a fortune on different creams and lotions to lighten it none of which worked. I decided to investigate laser treatment and found Purelite in Strood. My first conversation with Ranjeet put me at my ease and we arranged a consultation. Ranjeet was thorough and explained what would happen and the results I could expect and we arranged for three sessions.

Ranjeet put me at my ease immediately and the treatment was quick and did not hurt exactly but just a mild sting which was fine. Two weeks after the first treatment the difference was amazing, and I could barely see the brown mark at all. I was thrilled with the results at the end of the sessions and I am already looking forward to having some laser on a few thread veins. Ranjeet was professional and informative and I would recommend her to any of my family or friends.

Age Spot Removal Before Age Spot Removal After

Jan, Canterbury 

Where do I start my story!

After a marriage of domestic violence I was left with all scars on my face. This left me feeling totally embarrassed of meeting people, as I just felt that people just focused on the marks.

After 8 months of not being able to look at my face in the mirror and not being able to come to terms of what I had experienced, I knew I had to seek help.

I googled and found details of Purelite. I made an appointment and finally plucked up the courage to go.

I didn't know what to expect, but I was so pleasantly surprised to meet a young lady who was so welcoming and just spoke to me for sometime about what treatment I was seeking. I hadn't been out without make up and was so embarrassed that she would see my face, but I was put at ease and was able to tell her what had happened and how I felt.

The lady explained exactly what treatment would be suitable and showed me pictures, diagrams and went through the process of how it all worked. I was able to ask questions and was given booklets to take away and read too. A great start to my journey of recovery.

Tests were done and another appointment booked.

I had my first treatment and cried with joy as finally with the support of this lady I felt I can deal with this.

I've had several treatments and can honestly say I now go to work without having to wear any make up and feel confident in looking at myself too. I'm sure a few more treatments and the marks will completely vanish.

I know without her understanding and complete care I couldn't have done this.

Thank you so much xx

Roma, Medway

We are really pleased with the results from Chris' treatment for his thread veins. The results are amazing - "ten years younger". Chris was pleased with your professionalism and the way you explained everything to him.

Well done, good luck with your future business. Highly recommend.

Thread/Spide Vein Removal Before Thread/Spide Vein Removal After

Thread/Spide Vein Removal Before Thread/Spide Vein Removal After

Chris & Gaynor, Rainham

Amazing! Ranjeet is both professional & knowledgable.
My results are amazing! My IPL treatment removed all my facial thread veins & from over a large area. They were very prominent & now they have totally disappeared. Don't waste your time going anywhere else in Kent for IPL treatment, just ring PureLite, you will not be disappointed.

Thread Vein Removal Before Thread Vein Removal After

Tony, Kent

My armpit hair has always bothered me as it was thick & very dark. Whenever I was freshly shaven my armpits appeared to have stubble & within a day there would be clear regrowth. This meant I was forever having to take the time to shave & also was conscious of how they looked in sleeveless outfits.

My visits to Purelite have changed all that. After 6 sessions, my armpit hairs are barely there & the few that remain are so fine you can hardly notice them. On top of this, they grow very slowly & also my armpit skin feels super soft.

I am so pleased with the results not only for the obvious cosmetic reasons, but also for the time I will save no longer needing to shave every day or so & no longer wasting time feeling self conscious. For these reasons I am already booked up to tackle my next area & look forward to eventually barely ever having to think about hair removals again.

IPL Hair Removal Before IPL Hair Removal After

Helen, Canterbury

I have been shaving for quite a few years now and I was very embarrassed with my stubble on my chin area, after a few short treatments I have no stubble and have gained a lot more confidence. I can highly recommend this treatment to anyone and Ranjeet helps to relax you why the treatment is being done, and its very hygienic, I will definitely be back in the future for more treatments :)

Laser Hair Removal Chin & Neck Before Laser Hair Removal Chin & Neck After

Pauline, Borough Green

I've tried threading, waxing, plucking and bleaching on my upper lip but it grows back so fast and doesn't last.

I found PURELITE and had a consultation with Ranjeet who explained everything to me. I've never looked back since my first treatment.

I don't have to thread, wax, pluck or bleach anymore and am never paranoid like before. It's the best thing that I've had done and would recommend it to anyone as my whole outlook has changed.

No more dark shadows or quickly growing hairs. It's boosted my confidence and can leave the house knowing I don't need to do anything to my upper lip.

Sara, Rochester

I would highly recommend purelite! The service is fantastic you're made to feel completely at ease, great time is taken to talk through your individual needs and any questions you might have. The treatment worked great for me and I love the result, thank you.

KV, Kent

Absolutely thrilled with the results of my treatment - would definitely recommend to others. Premises and staff friendly and welcoming.

Ms D, Kent

I found PureLite to be extremely clean and welcoming. I have to admit I found the experience entirely a pleasure. I have been to a lot of spas and salons and this one I was particularly impressed with, and realised I found a hidden gem. The staff were so informative and took their time to understand my concerns and put me at ease. She explained the outcomes so that I had realistic expectations, and was completely professional. Overall, the therapist took her time, was considerate, professional and everything you could hope for.

I first had thread vein treatment on my nose, cheeks and chin. I found this to be painless, and quick, especially compared to other treatments. I had noticeable results, and found this extremely good value for money.

My second treatment was for age spot removal to the hands. I found this absolutely magnificent as a woman in her 50's with sun damage and age spots which I was very aware of, and I felt aged me. I have tried alternative treatments with no success, whereas my treatment at PureLite was so quick, and I had no pain at all. After the treatment I noticed results very quickly, after my first I was extremely happy, but after my second round of treatments I was AMAZED!!! The age spots disappeared and I have complete confidence in my hands again. If anyone is thinking of having this done I totally recommend it, especially at PureLite!

Thank you Purelite! Amazing job!

Age Spot Removal Before Age Spot Removal After

MKP, Medway

I would recommend IPL to anyone. Fantastic results!

DS, Maidstone

I have been having IPL treatment at Purelite in Kent. The treatment is very effective and I noticed the difference after one treatment. I highly recommend this method of hair removal as it is not painful, the reduction is dramatic. I no longer have to worry about waxing, shaving or threading. In the long term it is cost effective and affordable.

If you are looking at an easy way to become hair free you should book an appointment at Purelite.

KS, Dartford

Sooo glad I came here. Excellent customer service, everything was explained so thoroughly and was really impressed with the location and the cleanliness of the place. All these things made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away. I will be going back for more treatments as I feel that the staff were very accommodating and understanding of my needs, most importantly I felt I could trust them. The results are brilliant and my skin feels clean and refreshed! I really recommend this place to everyone and have told all my friends about it. Thank you so much!!!

RB, Kent

Having used laser hair removal in the past and never been particularly pleased with the results I am so pleased to have found Purelite. They explain the process so clearly and so that you can understand how it is all going to work. It's always really friendly but professional and discreet. I'm never left with any redness and it's painless. I can't recommend Purelite enough, wish I'd found them sooner.

Rachel, Rochester

I'm so glad i was introduced to this place by my sister - I have had a pretty hairy back ever since school. I've tried waxing, hair removal creams, shaving, which is the worst when it grows back!....So my sister was getting her underarms treated at purelight and she has had very good results and told me to try it on my back. I've had 2 treatments and the hairs reduced by about 90%. WICKED!....Also I must say there customer service is excellent, the clinic is based in a discreet area which was very important factor for me. Overall very pleased.

Male Laser Hair Removal Back Before Male Laser Hair Removal Back After

Jay G, Kent

PureLite IPL treatment is definitely my answer, in just a few short treatments my underarms are alot less hairy, smoother and my skin is cleaner. I can wear sleeveless tops whenever and not worry about hair growth in between waxing! Perfect!

SL, Gravesend

I've had thick, course hair for years but was desperate to get rid of it for good! I am gobsmacked at how effective the treatment has been! Most of my armpit hair hasn't grown back and after just one session! It's been amazing for me! The skin is unbelievably smooth too because I don't have the dreaded in-grown hairs! Really, really impressed. Excellent, friendly service! Well worth the money.

Natalie, Rochester

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