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Have you ever wondered where acne comes from? You may have heard that it comes from consuming foods that are high in sugar or fat, or from not washing your face. However, many people are surprised to find out that neither of these factors is a cause of acne.

                      Before                                                 After

Acne treatment in Kent - Before   Acne scarring treatment kent - After

(Photograph of a female right side cheek with acne scarring before and after IPL treatments)

The actual cause of acne is the body’s increased production of the hormone androgen, a hormone produced by both men and women. The androgen hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil causing the pores in the skin to become blocked preventing the oil from coming up to the surface of the skin. Acne, an infection caused by skin bacteria, directly feeds on and breaks down the trapped oil in the skin. As the bacteria increase, waste products and sebatic acid are created, and the sebaceous glands become inflamed – causing blackheads, whiteheads or pimples.

With the clinically tested and unique Ecolite IPL system, with 15 minutes per week for three to four weeks, acne is a thing of the past. Anyone with permanent acne can greatly benefit from this treatment!

How does Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) work?

The innovative and advanced IPL system filters light from a flash-lamp in two targeted ways to ensure that only light with the appropriate wavelength is allowed to reach the skin to prevent future acne. Haemoglobin is the red pigment in blood which absorbs the light and heats up in the fine blood vessels that supply the sebaceous glands. This causes a minor injury to the sebaceous glands which decreases the overproduction of oil that leads to acne.

This solution to dealing with acne is easy and essentially painless, as any potentially harmful wavelengths are filtered out by the Ecolite system.

Will it hurt?

As no anaesthetic is required and individuals vary in their thresholds of pain, it is difficult to predict how much, if any, pain a particular individual client will feel when he or she receives the treatment. To date, patients describe a wide variety of sensations such as a slight pinch to how skin feels after too much sun exposure.

Preparation before treatments

You do not need to do anything in order to prepare for treatments. However, it is important that in the weeks leading up to your appointment, you should avoid going into the sun as it is important to keep your skin as pale as possible. This is to prevent too much light from being absorbed by a darker complexion.

Post treatment

Although there may be some redness on your skin after the treatment, people normally do not need any post-treatment care. However, some people with more sensitive skin may ease any discomfort by applying ice or a prescribed ointment to the treatment area immediately after treatment. In the case of sun-damaged skin, some of the pigmented spots may become darker, but they will eventually disappear.

Am I suitable for IPL treatment?

Click here for a full list of contraindications.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age to be treated.

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